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custom adjective

Made or fitted to the needs or preferences of a specific customer.


It’s all we do.
    Custom planning. Custom creative. Custom service. We Think Custom™ every day.

It’s what they want. 
    Customers are unique and so are their preferences, especially for content.

It’s how you reach them. 
    Generic messages and mass marketing are much less effective.

It’s how you engage them. 
    You need to deliver content where and when they want it.  

It’s why we should talk. 
    For content that’s OnPress or OnLine, we can Think Custom™ for you too.


Back when the Bee Gees were Jive Talkin’ and everybody was Kung Fu Fighting, Mike Seltzer started his career in advertising. He was probably dressed in...well, never mind...


The SKM Story

Scoop, Kudos & More

We heard from our clients. This is what they had to say...